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New functionalities in the community!

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From today, people can register on the website. Every user can create a personal profile with pictures, track the posts and comment, change the avatar.

Also, there are some new improvements in the community:

  • it is now possible to upload pictures and photos in the posts
  • we can mark a new post with a specific topic. For example, I marked some posts as Breaking because they give some news about the website. Some posts can mark as Off topic if they are not respect the main topic
  • integration between comments in a post and the community. Now, when you want to comment a post, the system creates automatically a new post in the community. So, we have only one place for the comment and don't lose anything.
  • when you create a new post/topic, there is an option to add a poll

I hope you like those new functionalities. I have just started to put together our website. So, please, send you comments, feedback and don't forget to support each other with new recommendation and questions.

Enrico (Velvet Page / PureSourceCode)