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Douglas Stuart will be in conversation with Damian Barr

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On April 22nd 2022, Douglas Stuart will be in conversation with Damian Barr, talking about his new novel, 'Young Mungo'. Join us in-person aIronworks Studios in Brighton. It’s going to be quite the night!

We will have books on sale and Douglas will be signing after the event

'Shuggie Bain' broke our hearts and publishing records, winning the Booker Prize and launching Douglas Stuart. We’re proud to say we premiered Shuggie Bain at a special online Salon in June 2020 and we’re delighted to continue the conversation with the much-anticipated 'Young Mungo'.

'Young Mungo' is the story of two boys, two tribes and two Scotlands. Catholic James and Protestant Mungo live in the violent, macho world of Glasgow’s council schemes. Gangs brawl along sectarian lines and life is divided. But love will always find a way. And so, James and Mungo find each other. Mungo and James dream of escaping the gangs and the grey, fractured city. Will their dream come true?

Ticket are on sale Eventbrite.

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