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How to edit a post? (For admin and editor)

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This blog is using WordPress that is a platform for making blogs and website easily. When you are login with your account, you can see at the top of the page a control bar.

One option is Edit Page

 If you click on this link, the browser is redirect to the editor for that particular page. Now, you should see a page like the following screenshot

Here, you can edit the post changing words, phrase, add content (more text, images, videos and so on).

To add a new content (in the WordPress we say block) like an image, move the mouse between the block where you want to add the image. So, you can see a blue line and a + in the middle like in the following screenshot.

When you click on the +, a popup window appears and from here you can add the image or any other block just clicking on the block you want.

When you are happy with your changes, click the button Update on the control bar at the top.


You made a terrible error and deleted an entire paragraph by mistake. Don't worry! For each change, the system creates a log. So, every change is tracked. At any time, you or someone else for you can recover the lost content.

Enrico (Velvet Page / PureSourceCode)