Cow girl

Cow girl is the debut novel of Kirtsy Eyre. This book is:

  • the winner of the Comedy Women in Print Prize
  • shortlisted for The Katie Fforde Debut Romantic Novel Award 2021.


Billie fled her Yorkshire upbringing to pursue her dreams of finding a cure for the illness which killed her mother, yet when her father gets sick, she must return home to save the farm.  But the transition from city girl to country lass isn’t easy, not least because leaving London means leaving her relationship with Joely Chevalier, French pharmaceutical femme fatale, just as it was heating up. And when she gets to Yorkshire, Billie’s shocked to discover the family dairy farm is in dire straits. Battling misogyny, homophobia and the economic turmoil of a dairy crisis can Billie find a way to save the farm, save the cows and save herself?”

Review / Thoughts

I really enjoyed it, if I be honest, it wasn’t much of a different storyline to the normal books read. The only difference was that the love interested was grumpy female vet rather than a grumpy male vet!

Can you imagine having to return to your family home in Yorkshire to work on a farm after living in London as a biochemist Grad Student and just starting a new relationship with someone you have idolised for quite a while, well that is what happens to Billie after her farmer father takes ill and she is needed to run the farm, a run-down farm that is?

The book is warm, funny, and brings family life to the forefront. Billie is quite the woman. She is tougher than she believes she is and very witty too. Her sexuality comes with some prejudices from those that are obviously still stuck in the dark ages, but she handles what people think about her with grit and grace. The secondary characters are all fun to read about too, especially her friends.

I loved every chapter (especially chapter titles) and the plot of Billie trying to keep the farm going whilst her dad is in hospital and is trying to remember everything, she has been taught by him many years ago. Not only has Billie got he struggles of managing the farm, she also has to deal with the homophobia of the village residents. Especially the comments from the farm helper and the local bakery owner!

For a debut novelist, this is a real gem of a book by Kirtsy Eyre, I think she has found her calling in life. It is a beautiful read with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments surrounded by a story filled with love, life, and cows.


I enjoyed the writing and the pace, which never felt too fast or too slow. The chapters were a good length (I hate long chapters) and I love that they were each given a name instead of just a number. There were no real fillers to make the pages count up, which was nice to see and the story plausible, even the cows had personality!

I’d recommend this book to readers who like contemporary romance fiction and modern romance.

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2 thoughts on “Cow girl

  • Christopher Jones

    @enrico I’ve just finished To Paradise by Hanya Yanagihara, an epic story in three parts that had me right to the very end, she delivered on every level, her eye for the overall human condition is second to none, thank you Hanya xx

    • Thank you Chris. I will create a new recommendation post for it.

      Only one thing: your comment is not related to the book Cow girl. So, to submit a new subject, please start a new discussion or thread in the community. Thank you so much.


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