BFI LGBTQIA+ film festival is coming

After the pandemic, the life is becoming similar to the life before it and BFI LGBTQIA+ film festival is coming back in London from March 16th to March 27th BFI at Southbank and on BFI Player. The official website is here.

Our springtime celebration of queer cinema is back! Whether you will join the festival in person or online (or both), you discover the best in contemporary LGBTQIA+ cinema from around the world.

From the BFI

Stories help us understand ourselves and others. In recent years we’ve found so many kinds of queer stories in film, television and video games. This year’s BFI Flare programme demonstrates just how rich and diverse LGBTQIA+ stories in film can be. For so long, our histories were largely hidden – invisible to many. It took generations of individual and communal bravery, ingenuity and struggle to make us visible.

Throughout this exciting programme, you will find so many wonderful and previously untold stories; both imagined and those that explore our truths and personal histories – ones that shine a light on the champions who preceded us. And filmmakers have the power to help us remember them so vividly. We can’t wait for you to delve into the stories in Flare this year. Whether you find them at the BFI Southbank or on BFI Player, it’s our pleasure to welcome you to being part of our BFI Flare community.

From the BFI Flare programmers

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, someone should put a limit on that fondness, because our hearts are about to burst. It’s hard to believe it has been three years since Flare last took over BFI Southbank, filling its screens, bars and corridors with that unique, yet somehow indefinable, sense of queer magic. Since then, we have brought the Festival into your homes with Flare online – a new tradition that we are delighted to be continuing this year.

But let’s be honest, nothing beats the feeling of being surrounded by your chosen LGBTQIA+ family, basking in the glow of great cinema. And now that we are finally back, we hope you’ll agree it’s with a bang. Over the 12 days of Queer Christmas we want to make you laugh, cry, think, scrutinise, question, debate and… well, give you all the feels. You deserve them. We’ve missed you!

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