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From today, you can join us on Goodreads! This is another social media like Facebook or Twitter but specifically for book readers and there you can see the books we have read, currently reading and comment with other people in the Goodreads community.

What is Goodreads?

So, Goodreads is an American social cataloging website and a subsidiary of Amazon. It allows individuals to search its database of books, annotations, quotes, and reviews. Users can sign up and register books to generate library catalogs and reading lists. Also, they can create their own groups of book suggestions, surveys, polls, blogs, and discussions. The website’s offices are located in San Francisco.

Goodreads started in December 2006. In December 2007, the site had 650,000 members and 10,000,000 books in the catalog. By July 2012, the site reported 10 million members, 20 million monthly visits, and thirty employees. On March 28, 2013, Amazon announced its acquisition of Goodreads.

By July 2019, the site had 90 million members.

A Few Things You Can Do On Goodreads

  • See what books your friends are reading.
  • Track the books you’re reading, have read, and want to read.
  • Check out your personalized book recommendations. Our recommendation engine analyzes 20 billion data points to give suggestions tailored to your literary tastes.
  • Find out if a book is a good fit for you from our community’s reviews.

What is the different between this website and Goodreads?

So, Goodreads is a social media for book readers and it is an Amazon brand. Everything is controlled by Amazon and related to it. For example, you can buy every book directly from the Amazon store. Like the other social media, a group doesn’t have a real identity, it is just another page.

However, having our own website gives us the opportunity to make better connections with people, authors, publishers, internet users in general. We can discuss about whatever we like, how we like and nobody else than us can decide for us what we want to share. Also, the website is central in every community or club: for example, we provide weekly newsletter to all the members, a safe space to have chat and other services for all of us. If something is missing, we can extend the website.

Wrap up

In conclusion, we are happy to be on Goodreads to share what we are doing in the way we want to do it. So, if you have an account, join us on Goodreads and share our contents.

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