In from the side

In front the side is a drama movie with in background a rugby team. Following a drunken encounter, two equally attached men from a cash strapped and divided gay rugby club unwittingly sleepwalk into an adulterous affair but must conceal their growing feelings or risk destroying the club they love.

With help from a Kickstarter campaign, film-maker and rugby coach Matt Carter has made a poignant lo-fi drama about a gay London rugby team. It’s a film with some terrific real-feeling characters, the kind who speak in the way actual people do – they’d be binge-worthily watchable in a series on TV or a streaming platform, flawed and lovely. Here, a bit unfortunately, they’re relegated to the sidelines – B team to a romance between the film’s two least interesting characters.

One of those two is Mark, played by obscenely good-looking former Emmerdale actor Alexander Lincoln. Mark is in an open relationship with his rich, arty-looking boyfriend, sharing a penthouse overlooking the Thames. They’re living the dream but seem stagnant emotionally as a couple. Mark has recently joined gay rugby club, the South London Stags where he claps eyes on Warren (Alexander King), who is in a monogamous relationship with another teammate. In five minutes flat, Mark and Warren are slammed up against the wall of a toilet cubicle.

Also, I wanted to know more about captain Jimmy, the team’s Jürgen Klopp, who gives pre-match pep talks with deep emotional intelligence. And club comedian Pinkie (Pearse Egan) who has a lovely speech about hating rugby at school as a gay kid.

Wrap up

In conclusion, I really like the movie ”In from the side” although is quite long, over 2 hours. There are some scenes at the XXL, the great gay club in London that was forced to close to give space to new luxurious flats in Southwark. I recommend this movie.

For more information, you can visit the Facebook page of the movie or the website. “In from the side” is in cinemas around the United Kingdom in particular at Picture House.

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