How to build our website

On February 15th, we are organizing a meeting about how to build our website. So, everyone can contribute to improve our community and publish important content for each other.

As usual, the meeting point is at Waterstones Piccadilly at 5.30pm. So, bring your laptop or tablet because we have to play on the real website and create comments, posts and send messages.


An indicative program of the meeting is:

  • Login/Log out in the website
  • Customize your icon/avatar with Gravatar
  • Add a comment in a post
  • Add a comment in the community
  • Format a comment or a post
  • Insert pictures in your comment
  • Create a post adding
    • a meaningful title
    • the content to your post
    • an image to your post
    • the feature image
    • preview on social media such as Facebook and Twitter
    • select one or more categories for your post
    • publish your post

If you have any particular question, please feel free to add a comment to this post or ask during the meeting. If you already have a text to publish for example in Microsoft Word, please bring with you and we will go through it and publish it.

Also, there are few posts already in the community to help people to learn how to use better out website or create better posts and comments. For example, see this topics:

Wrap up

In conclusion, in this meeting we will see how to build our website, creating posts and comments so everybody can participate to our community. Feel free to add comments in the community or below this post. Please, let us know if you can join us. We will organize other meetings like this one if you guys need it.

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